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The End of School

The end of school is here. 3 ½ days of school left before summer! What is the thing you are looking forward to the most this summer? Is it a vacation or just hanging out with friends? We’ll be spending our summer trying to jam pack the neighborhood newspaper with fun stuff! Whatever you do this summer, be sure to read it! Turn the page to find some awesome ideas to cure boredom.

What Happened to the Newspaper?

Due to the lack of time and volunteers, the newspaper stopped printing for a while. Since the school year is ending, there will be more time to write the newspaper. The newspaper will be bi-weekly instead of monthly. To make sure this does not happen again, volunteer to help write, edit, illustrate, or dispatch the neighborhood newspaper.

Spring & Summer Fun!


Create a Map of a Made-Up Place       10 pts

Use your imagination to make a place totally original!

Create Your Own Magazine                    40 pts

Make your magazine interesting and fun! Use news, craft ideas, the latest fashion, sports, etc.

Make a Recycled Garden                         50 pts

Use recycled materials to put your plants in. Get creative!

Make Recycled Jewelry                             15 pts

Use recycled materials to create one of a kind jewelry!

Record Your Own CD                                  60 pts

Make up your own songs, and record them with your friends!

Make a Balloon Powered Model Car       15 pts

Experiment with balloon power, and record your findings.

Make a Fashion Bulletin Board                40 pts

Make a bulletin board with your own designs and designs that inspire you.

Invent Something                                       50 pts

Invent something that will make life easier, and is all your idea!

Make a Scrapbook                                      40 pts

Add pictures from some of your favorite to keep forever.

Perform a Musical                                        75 pts.

Get a group of friends and come up with an idea for a musical. Practice, and then perform for a small group of people.

Respond to the

Newspaper Three Times                             30 pts.

Answer questions, debates, or give suggestions.

Make a DVD                                                    45 pts.

Whether it’s for entertainment, a commercial, or informational, make it your own!

Make a Power Point

On Something Silly                                          30 pts.

Research something that people don’t often think about, then make a power point presentation on it.

Come Up with a Game

Based on a Book or Movie                             25 pts.

Whatever your favorite book or movie is, make it come to life in a game that is totally original.

Create an Obstacle Course                              25 pts.

Make a course that is different than any other.

These are just some ideas! Submit an idea of your own with a description and a point value. We will post new ideas in every issue of the newspaper.

World News

A Lithuanian artist uses blows strong gusts of

wind into peoples’ faces to create interesting

facial expressions.

California mother, Lyn Hiner, is still recovering from second and third degree burns that she got from the colored rocks she and her family found on the beach that mysteriously caught on fire in her shorts pocket. Today on Good Morning America she said, “We were talking about who was going to pick up the babysitter, and all of the sudden something hot on my leg sort of started to bother me so I started thinking it was a bug bite, so I started slapping it and the next thing I know my pants were on fire.” The rocks that her daughters found on the beach are now under an intense scientific investigation. Now Lyn is recovering at the Grossman Burn Center.

Eight high school girls from California with the same last name decided to wear the same shirt and the same hairdo for their yearbook picture. Instead of using the optional one liner under their yearbook photos, they divided up two sentences that made people think twice before making any assumptions. Altogether, the Nguyen girls’ yearbook photos say, “We know what you are thinking and no we’re not related.”

The Olympic torch began its 70 day journey around Britain and Ireland on Saturday. A triple gold medal winning yachtsman, Ben Ainslie, was the first torchbearer. He started from Land’s End, England’s most southwesterly point. Other runners will take it through Cornwall to Plymouth. Thousands of spectators cheer Ainslie on.

Celebrity Update

Special thanks to People Magazine

Drew Barrymore celebrates her engagement to Will Kopelman with a rooftop bash at the Ink48 hotel in Manhattan.

Cher turns 66 on May 20.

Lenny Kravitz turns 48 on May 26.

Ginnifer Goodwin turns 34 on May 22.

Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley welcome their newly adopted daughter Adalaide. The new baby girl will join her big sis, Naleigh, 3, who was adopted from South Korea in 2009.

At the premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman in London, Kristen Stewart’s Marchesa gown doesn’t hide the beloved Nike sneakers.

Tina Fey turns 42 on May 18.

Jennifer Lopez tapes a performance of her new single “Dance Again” for American Idolbacked by her boyfriend Casper Smart, who Jennifer called “so cute.”

Britney Spears  is taking a seat next to Simon Cowell as a reality show judge on X- Factor.

Kim Kardashian sports her mom Kris’s signature crop for a photo shoot, and was joined by boyfriend Kanye West.

The Blog

       We have created a blog as an addition to the newspaper. It will contain information posted in the newspaper, and more! Because we have just created this blog, we need some suggestions on how to make the blog more interesting. To access the blog, type in the search bar (not google, bing, etc.) Feel free to comment on the blog. You can also write articles into the newspaper that we can put on the blog. We are always open to new additions!

Movie Review

The Hunger Games-85 % of people liked it & 84% of critics liked it

PG13, 2hrs & 22 mins.

The Lorax-69% of people liked it & 56% of critics liked it.

PG 1hr & 34 mins.

Mirror Mirror- 52% of people liked it & 50% of critics liked it.

PG 1hr & 35 min.

The Three Stooges-64% of people liked it & 47% of critics liked it.

PG 1hr & 32mins.

Chimpanzee- 79% of people liked it & 74% of critics liked it.

G 1hr & 17mins.

 Books We Recommend

The Hunger Games        By: Suzanne Collins

The Thief      By: Megan Whalen Turner

Harry Potter Series      By: J.K. Rowling

Bud, Not Buddy    Christopher Paul Curtis

                                                                                       The Cricket in Times Square      By: George Seldon


This summer, go for bright colors.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is too short when it comes to shorts?
Anything less than a 1 ½ inch is too short in my opinion, but its ultimately up to your parents to decide.

At what age should I start wearing makeup?
You really should not be wearing makeup if you aren’t at least in middle school. The average age girls start wearing makeup is around 7th or 8th grade, but again its up to you and your parents to decide.

Fashion Contest

Make your own design, complete with shoes and accessories. As always, send your design to the newspaper. Make sure that you put your name and age on your design. We will post the winner’s design in the fashion section of the next issue. The winner’s design will also be posted on the bulletin board. Please send your design to the newspaper by May 30, 2012.

Poetry Section

    Here is a great example of a funny poem. The newspaper will be having our first poetry contest. There are no requirements except that your poem must be funny, and it must be your own original poem. Send your poem to the newspaper. To enter your poem in the contest. Be sure to put your name and age on your poem. Send in a picture of yourself, too (optional).We will post the winning poem in the next issue of the newspaper. Make sure you get your poem in before May 30, 2012. The winner also gets a box of M&M’s. Also, feel free to send in poems anytime for our limited time poem section.

All My Great Excuses

A Funny School Poem for Kids

I started on my homework
but my pen ran out of ink.
My hamster ate my homework.
My computer’s on the blink.

I accidentally dropped it
in the soup my mom was cooking.
My brother flushed it down the toilet
when I wasn’t looking.

My mother ran my homework
through the washer and the dryer.
An airplane crashed into our house.
My homework caught on fire.

Tornadoes blew my notes away.
Volcanoes struck our town.
My notes were taken hostage
by an evil killer clown.

Some aliens abducted me.
I had a shark attack.
A pirate swiped my homework
and refused to give it back.

I worked on these excuses
so darned long my teacher said,
“I think you’ll find it’s easier
to do the work instead.”

–Kenn Nesbitt

Copyright © 2007 Kenn Nesbitt
All Rights Reserved


St. Louis

May 17: Cardinals vs. Giants     Cardinals lose 5 – 7

May 18: Cardinals vs. Dodgers        Cardinals lose 5 – 6

May 19: Cardinals vs. Dodgers

What is your favorite sport? Send in a picture of you playing your favorite sport in your jersey. Include a description of why you love that sport, your name, and your age. We will include these entries in the next paper. May 30 is the deadline for your entry. Send your entry to the newspaper or email.

Crafts & Activities

Summer can be fun, but after a while you can get kind of bored.

Here are some ideas to keep you occupied.

All of these crafts are kid friendly and fun.

Hello, Spring!

Yes! The first day of spring is finally here.

We made some homemade play dough the other day and my five-year-old made this cheery picture. Here’s the recipe we used:

Mix together. Cook over medium heat until it reaches the consistency of dough. I tried to make this before and it didn’t turn out because I didn’t realize that you really do have to cook it. Let it cool and knead it. You may need to knead in a bit more oil. You could use natural food coloring. I think it would also be nice to add a few drops of essential oil.

Recycled Newspaper Beads

Step #1 – Gather a small pile of newspapers from the recycling basket.

Step #2 – Rip the paper into small pieces

Step #3 – Put the pieces of newspaper in a large stock pot

Step #4 – Pour enough boiling water over the paper to cover

Step #5 – Allow to sit for an hour or so

Step #6 – Stir the paper to help break it down a bit

Step #9 – Roll the paper into round balls being sure to squeeze out as much moisture as you can while rolling (you can make any size you would like)

Step #10 – Let them dry for a few days – rolling them every several hours – until they are completely dry

Step #11 – Sand each bead down with a bit of sandpaper to remove rough edges

Step #12 – Drill a hole in each bead that is big enough for the material that you want to string them with

Step #13 – Paint them with left over craft paint

Step #14 – Give them a coat of varnish

Special thanks to:    &

Summer Fun Sign-Up Sheet

In signing this form I agree to:

–         Following all of the guidelines to the contest

–         Allowing my name to be posted in the newspaper with the number of points I have received

–         Allowing my name* to be posted on a bulletin board

–         Keeping track of the points I earn

–         Allowing the newspaper to send me updates via e-mail or on the blog

–         Not interfering with anyone else’s points or activities

Name (first and last):

Grade you are Going into:

Email (optional):


If you win the Summer Fun Contest you will win one king size chocolate candy bar and $5.00.

*names posted on the bulletin board will only contain a first name and last initial.


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